Healthy body and mind,that’s how you stay alive

Okay i have been gone from this site for quite a while, creative block and all but just the other day i was going through my books ,trying to look for something to revisit ,and i found about four of my favorite books,dusted them off and just absorbed their beautiful content. A read mind is a fed mind after this i hope you pick up a book and read.

It’s no secret that reading stimulates the mind, it makes the impossible seem possible,if you are reading the right books. Get as many penguin classics for a rich literature culture and don’t forget self development books,you can never stop learning. And if you are an art lover like me get many Art books too,Art feeds the soul,it is inspiring.

Here is a few of my reads and i am a terrible person for letting my favorite art book get ruined,but guess what Art in ruins is still Art.g