A simple breakfast 

In my years in college i have had to wake up so late in the morning all i had time for would be bathing and rushing to the classroom, no breakfast just me in an empty stomach attempting to pay attention amist all the growling and the churning, it does not work. Sometimes i wake up on time but because I have got used to going to class in an empty stomach any attempt to eat is thrown away when it becomes hard to swallow just one spoon of cereal.

But over time i trained my system to take food in the mornings because we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day,for me to feel alive and fresh during my morning activities i have a fresh cup of green tea , nothing beats that peppermint green tea in making me feel fresher and ready to tackle my day. Accompanied by any cereal of the day and some fresh bread with cheese i am good as new. So eat your breakfast!


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